Collection: Why do more and more people choose monitor stand? | Four reasons for you to choose a good monitor stand! | Aothia |

Why do more and more people choose monitor stand? | Four reasons for you to choose a good monitor stand! | Aothia |

When it comes to monitor brackets, everyone may be familiar with it. It is a technology product with a brand-new office concept that emerged in the era of great health. For many programmers, it must be a just-needed option.

Since the advent of computers, we have plunged into the world of computers. The more fascinating the technology, the more problems we have on our shoulders and necks. In the past, the position of the monitor of the computer was too low, and we were also tied in front of the computer. The posture remained unchanged. The monitor was okay, but the flesh and blood of us had a big problem.
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Investigations have shown that long-term office work with repetitive actions will not only cause repeated strain and pain in the cervical spine, but also herniated cervical discs, nerve stimulation, and numbness in the hands and shoulders. Modern young people have gradually begun to pay attention to the topic of healthy office, and they have begun to frequently purchase healthy office furniture such as monitor stands, standing desks, and alternate sitting and standing desks. The most popular among these categories is the monitor stand, because the office habit that has been cultivated for a long time cannot actually be changed by an active tool, unless it is the nature of autonomous change. But the monitor stand is different. Our original office posture is actually uncomfortable. After using the monitor stand, you can return to the correct sitting posture. The correct sitting posture can relieve shoulder and neck pain, which is naturally a comfortable posture.
Monitor stand and desk shelves Aothia
The benefits of the monitor stand are more than everyone imagined. Start by adjusting the correct sitting posture, and slowly adjust the comfortable viewing distance. While exploring the function of the monitor stand, slowly change your office habits. The most intuitive change is your desk, aside from the large base, choose a small pivot, the desk space is more spacious. Hang the monitor in the air, and a lot of space on the desktop will get perfect applications, better improve your office experience, and develop good office habits.
monitor stand and desk shelves Aothia
Then how to choose a perfect monitor stand that suits you?

From the above points, we can see that we are going to choose a monitor stand that suits our office habits to ensure a better office, and adjust the correct sitting posture to reduce the chance of injury. We also need to see whether we can maintain enough space to accommodate the office appliances generated during our office work, which will more effectively improve our office efficiency.

In addition to the above two points, you can also choose a monitor stand that suits you from the following points:

The monitor bracket needs to have a good material to be able to perfectly guarantee that it has a higher load-bearing capacity to meet our higher demand for monitors.

The monitor stand is divided into mechanical type and supporting type. If you choose the supporting type, it is recommended to choose a monitor stand with a larger table surface, which can better place the monitor. A good monitor stand can hold at least two monitors. And with a larger table, you can put a lot of decorations on it, such as: flowers, dolls, exquisite small accessories, etc., which will better let us plunge into the office atmosphere!
monitor stand and desk shelves Aothia
The last choice is the most important! ! ! That is to meet your aesthetics. A good-looking monitor stand can better improve your office efficiency and keep you in a good mood. Here I recommend a monitor stand made of logs, which can better integrate into it. Your office environment will not have any peculiar smell, and it will smell with a faint scent of vegetation, making office life more colorful! ! !

I will recommend to you, several monitor stands that may be suitable for you:


★MODERN & STYLISH- Not only does its job to raise monitor to proper height, but also it well solved the neck and back pain during long time gaze on the different level , and make your desk modern look than your co-works.
★ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Elevating your monitor to an ergonomic height is important for finding your most comfortable sitting posture, which can help reduce eye strain, neck stiffness, and back pain during working time!
★PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This desk top shelf is made of composite wood from eucalyptus and poplar, the topper layer is printed black walnut color, together sustainable cork block legs, which means that this piece of furniture will positively affect your life without negatively affecting the environment.
★ SAVE SPACE, WELL ORGANIZED - You can finally have the desktop space and organization you’ve been looking for. Easily store your office accessories & supplies under your monitor and use your desk for working or writing. It can also be used with your TV stand for items like your cable box, Xbox One, PS5, or other media players