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on October 8, 2017, Aothia was born. Our original intention has remained unwavering – a dedication to crafting office desktop products that are both sleek and efficient, aiming to restore order to your desktops and enhance your overall workspace experience.

Our brand was initially fueled by a distinct feeling of dissatisfaction with the mundane and disorganized nature of office desktops. The excessive clutter on our desks not only led to chaos but also hindered our productivity and mood. As a result, on October 8, 2017, Aothia was born. Our original intention has remained unwavering – a dedication to crafting office desktop products that are both sleek and efficient, aiming to restore order to your desktops and enhance your overall workspace experience.

Aothia Make Your Office Work More Efficient

  • At the outset of entrepreneurship

    At the inception of our entrepreneurial journey, my partner and I jointly leased the top floor of a commercial office building and relocated our custom office furniture business there. During that time, our motto was "Aothia Make Your Office Work More Efficient" — because, to be frank, the chaos on office desks sometimes left people at a loss, so we embarked on a mission to rescue them. We also frequently organized barbecues on the rooftop, grilling hotdogs while igniting sparks of creativity, like simmering dreams and sausages in a pot of innovative stew.

    On October 8, 2017, Aothia was born. Back then, there was no business plan, no extensive contemplation; just a singular moment when we wholeheartedly plunged in. We never anticipated it would transform into what it is today, with global influence, and a group of fun-loving, hardworking pioneers by our side.

Innovation starts with collaboration

Aothia's product philosophy is to make office desktops clean and efficient. We achieve this by creating powerful products like Desk Pad, Mouse Pad, and Monitor Stand that help you organize your workspace, boost productivity, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your working environment. These products will empower you to unlock your full work potential, maintain a tidy workspace, and elevate your overall office experience.

Affiliate Program

Aothia's membership program offers a multitude of benefits! Through our Affiliate channel, every order presents an opportunity to earn a substantial commission of up to 20%. This means you can receive a 20% return on the total order amount. Additionally, by subscribing to our program, you'll enjoy an extra 10% discount on each order. Furthermore, we regularly introduce exciting trade-in events, allowing you to upgrade your favorite Aothia products at more favorable prices.

We've always held the belief in giving back to our customers, which is why we've established a dedicated repair and refund policy to ensure your shopping experience remains worry-free. For more details, please refer to our Repair and Refund Policy page.

We eagerly look forward to your participation in becoming an Aothia member. This will grant you access to exclusive benefits and more exciting experiences. We deeply appreciate your continuous support, as your encouragement is the driving force propelling us forward.

Earn 20% Commission

Aothia is an innovative company with a 3,000 square foot factory located in China, which serves as a hotbed for creativity. Situated in a tranquil residential neighborhood across from a scenic park, our office is brimming with inspiration. We work diligently every day to shape the future of office supplies. Our mission is to assist you in crafting a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing workspace, transforming the office into an incubator for creativity and success.

Aothia, working together with you to create a more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and enjoyable office space.

Desk Mats

These desk mats came into existence without a formal business plan, lacking extensive contemplation. It was a spontaneous moment where we wholeheartedly devoted ourselves. Our core aspiration was straightforward: to create something exceptionally cool and find joy in the process. Each piece was meticulously designed with the aim of providing the essential elements of tidiness, efficiency, and style to your workspace.

As we stand at the forefront of innovation and reflect on this journey, we never envisioned that these products would gain global recognition. Nor did we anticipate the emergence of such a passionate and enthusiastic community of pioneers alongside us.

Monitor Stand

The Solid Wood Desktop Stands for Laptop represent the essence of the Aothia brand, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to quality and boundless faith in creativity. These stands came into being through a blend of luck, skill, and relentless hard work. Each stand is crafted from high-quality wood and meticulously honed through skilled craftsmanship. We ardently pursue perfection in every detail, ensuring that each product fully showcases our passion and talent.

Our journey has been far from smooth, and we have faced challenges that tested our mettle. However, we remain steadfast in our belief that challenges are infinite.