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Abolt Aothia

The story of the Aothia brand originates from our passion for office supplies. We understand the importance of desk pads, mouse pads, and monitor stands in enhancing productivity and improving the work environment. However, the products available on the market often fell short of our expectations.

Therefore, we decided to establish Aothia, committed to providing high-quality, practical, and aesthetically pleasing office supplies for professionals and office users. Our Desk Pad, Mouse Pad, and Monitor Stand series not only meet your needs but also offer an opportunity to transform your office experience.

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Monitor Stand

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Will this monitor stand support two 26in monitors?

Yes, this large dualmonitorstandwould support two 26inmonitors. Thanks for your question.

 I have one 27" and one 32" monitor. will this support both the monitors on the stand?

Yes. Thismonitorstandcan support one 27'' and one 32''monitor.

Will this monitor stand support two 26in monitors?


Is the installation easy enough for women?

Hi, ourmonitorstandriser is easy to install for any adults. There is an installation instruction in each package. And here is the installation video. Thanks for your question.

How much do these raise your monitors?

The left and right side can raise yourmonitorby up to about 4in.The middle section is shorter to raise 3.3in.
I hope my answer is helpful to you and thank you for your question.

Can this accommodate a 15 inch laptop and a 20 inch monitor? As in the monitor on one side and the laptop on the other?

I have a 20-inchmonitorand a 13-inch laptop and they both fit perfectly. Themonitoris a little wider which means the middle part is only good for smaller decor. You can see a photo of my desk and how they all fit in my review of this product.

My order was delivered without the tools(screws)How can i get the tools to assemble?

There are no screws, it has a grippy sticker on the bottom of the side boards that will grip to the middlestand.

What is the maximum weight that this monitor stand can safely support,and will it be adequate for my monitor setup?

Thismonitorstandis designed to support a maximum weight of approximately 80 pounds, making it suitable for mostmonitorsand some additional items.

How do I install and set the LED light strip for this monitor stand?

Ouracrylicmonitorstandrequires no installation; simply unpack and it's ready to use. The LED light strip can be powered by connecting the USB interface to yourcomputeror a power outlet. You can control the LED light modes using the switch or scan the QR code to use the mobile app. For more details, please refer t…see more

Desk Pad

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Can you cut the desk pad to fit a certain length of an Elfa desk shelf?

Thisdeskpadis very pliable. You can cut it with a sharp razor into any shape.

Is this desk pad OK for wooden desktop?

It is amazing on a woodendesk. The underside of the leather is soft, and has never scratched any of my surfaces!

The light blue kind of looks like a mint green color. Is it? 

I can picture that vintage mint metaldeskthat you’re talking about. This is not that same color. This is more blue, like a dusky light blue, although it does look somewhat green depending on the light. I’m including a video with a piece of blue painters tape, a green Starbucks pick, and an orange pen for reference.

Does this desk pad ruin a wood top desk?

no. its good quality

does the keyboard slide on this pad?

Ourdeskpadsis non-slip to normal keyboards. Thanks for your question.

How to clean the back of the desk mat?

I have a brownpadcovering an olddesk. I love it but my boss keeps getting ink on it when he uses thedesk. I have found that it cleans easily. I had alcohol handy and it works great, as does hand sanitizer (alcohol based.).

When will the light blue 36x17 desk pad be available?

I would not know how to answer that question onlysee more

Will this fit on a roll top desk?

I am not sure exactly. I would measure yourdesktop where it would be sitting. The measurements for each size are listed in the product details.

Can you write on this pad?

Yes you can easily fill out paperwork and sign forms on thispad.

Is this a soft or hard pad? 

It is a softpadand really looks like leather.It comes rolled up and looks great ondesk

Will this pad harm table finish (i.e.: old oil based varnish)?

No. I too have an oil-based varnished table. Thepaddoesn't stick to thedesksurface, but it doesn't slip also. It just stays in place perfectly. The back is made from very soft material and will protect yourdeskfrom scratches.

What color will suit black wood desk? 

I bought a dark pinkpadand it really enhances the black wood

Where is it made?

I am not sure as I threw the box away but it sits well on ourdeskand protects it from scratched.

Stair Treads

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How can I prep my stairs for the stair tread installation?

All steps must be relatively level and free from nails, screws, staples and any major cracks as well as clean, dry and without any residual paints, oils, rust, grease, other floor coverings, glues or anything else that would not allow the new treads to lay flat and make full contact with the steps below.

What's the best adhesive to use on my stair treads?

Each product pages lists the most appropriate adhesive to use for that particular product. In general, however, general, water-based, adhesives are ideal for environments where the smell could be an issue while contact cements best for constantly trafficked areas where the stairs can only be taken out of commission for a few hours. Other glues are designed for special use (stair tread noses, to meet certain government ratings, moist areas, etc.). The pros, cons and limitations are outlined in the description on each adhesive product page.

How do we trim rubber and vinyl stair treads?

Vinyl and rubber treads can easily be trimmed in the field to ensure that each tread properly fits each step in its width (side to side) as well as its depth (front to back). Using a straight edge or T-Square will allow for easy trimming with a sharp blade in a razor (utility) knife or even a linoleum knife. If possible, the back of the tread should be cut with an underbevel for the best fit.

What if the depth of my stairs is different than the depth of the tread?

There is no need for stair treads to go to the back of the stair where it connects with the riser. Virtually all foot traffic travels across the first few inches when descending stairs and usually the first 6-8" while ascending steps. Plus, with vinyl and rubber treads, the high/low textured pattern does not continue all the way to the back of the tread. Thus, if the tread is not deep enough to reach the back of the stair it won't greatly affect the function. On the other hand, if the treads are deeper than the step (as they often are) then you can easily cut the treads down as described in the question above).

Can vinyl or rubber stair treads be used outdoors?

Although it's not at all uncommon to find both vinyl and rubber treads being used outside, even without any covering or awning above them, the elements can potentially cause these materials to wear down quicker than if they were placed indoors with the same amount of foot traffic.

Why do vinyl and rubber treads sometimes crack along the front edge?

Without using an epoxy stair tread nose caulk a void is left between the nose of the stair and the stair tread and, with years of abuse and thousands and thousands of feet bouncing off the stairs, the nose of the tread can get stretched out and eventually crack. A small, simple bead of nose caulk on the underside of the nose of the tread will directly address and help prevent the stretching and cracking.

Do you have samples?

Absolutely! We're happy to send out free color swatch samples so customers can get a good understanding of what they're buying before purchasing. Feel free to contact us with your address and we'll get the samples right out to you.