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Aothia Keyboard Wooden Wrist Res

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尺寸: Tenkeyless
材料: Walnut
Regular price $28.59
Regular price $43.59 Sale price $28.59
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Brand: Aothia
Availability: 59 in stock
Material: Wood
Dimension: 14 x 3 x 0.78 inches (20mm)
Weight: ‎14.9 ounces
Aothia Keyboard Wooden Wrist Res
Regular price $28.59
Regular price $43.59 Sale price $28.59
  • High-quality materials: Select high-grade beech wood raw materials, cut and polish the complete wood, and retain the original texture of the wood. Each piece has a different beautiful wood texture, giving customers the most natural experience. Unpainted, preserving the original quality of the wood.
  • Anti-slip on the back: There are 2 rubber anti-skid pads on the back, which provide enough friction to prevent the keyboard from sliding during typing or gaming, and enhance the user experience.
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest: Elevates your hand to a perfect ergonomic position and is the perfect relief tool to relieve arm and wrist pain for office workers and gamers.
  • Different Materials and Sizes: Our keyboard wrist support is available in beech and walnut.Have two sizes to meet the needs of most different keyboards.
  • Gaming&Office Necessary:It can reduce the friction between your hands and the desktop, provide maximum support for you to type or play games, and can also be used as a gift for friends.

Supports all kinds of mechanical keyboards

Since this product is made of solid wood: the texture patterns are all native textures that come with solid wood, and each texture is unique.


Tenkeyless - 14x3in / 36x7.6cm

Full-Size - 17x3in / 43x7.6cm



Comes in two colors:

Beech primary color

Walnut primary color

  • Aothia | Mechanical Keyboard Wooden Wrist Res

    High-Quality Walnut Log Wrist Rests for Solid Wood Furniture

    Made of high-quality walnut logs, cut and polished from whole solid wood. Each wrist rest maintains its original texture and is suitable for use with solid wood furniture in your home.

  • High-Quality Beech Wood Wrist Rests for Your Home Furniture

    Made of high-quality beech wood, cut and polished from solid solid wood. Each wrist rest retains its original texture and is suitable for use with solid wood furniture in your home.

  • Aothia | Mechanical Keyboard Wooden Wrist Res

    Ergonomic Wrist Support: Relief for Office Workers and Gamers

    These two wrist rests elevate your hand into an ergonomically perfect position, making them ideal for office workers and gamers to relieve arm and wrist pain.


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The story of the Aothia brand originates from our passion for office supplies. We understand the importance of desk pads, mouse pads, and monitor stands in enhancing productivity and improving the work environment. However, the products available on the market often fell short of our expectations.

Therefore, we decided to establish Aothia, committed to providing high-quality, practical, and aesthetically pleasing office supplies for professionals and office users. Our Desk Pad, Mouse Pad, and Monitor Stand series not only meet your needs but also offer an opportunity to transform your office experience.

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Our solid wood desktop stand is designed for laptops, and it's compact in size. It comes in two colors: Oak and Black Walnut. This wooden stand features a hollow bottom that can be folded, and our adjustable desk stand can elevate your computer monitor to an ergonomic height, which is crucial for finding the most comfortable sitting position. It can be used with desks of any size.

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Ingenuity,may be the willingness to continuously improve and refine the imperfect leathers with the best craftsmanship and tailoring for the most comfortable and soft experience.

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Improve office work more efficiency has always inspired our founders to persevere, continue to develop and provide innovative products,the concept of recycling is our belief for further developing.

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