Collection: Free New Product Test Plan

Aothia has always been committed to providing our customers with more creative and environmentally friendly products.

We will launch our new products every month. We desperately need to get customer feedback so that we can collect customer using experience to improve our products.

So we have launched a free new product test plan, This plan is aimed at all new customers and old customers. At the same time, we extend the warranty to lifetime for all old users who participate in the plan.

Operation guidelines:

Please click the button below to enter the system registration. Or directly click the Messenger icon in the lower right corner of the page.

Please log in with your Facebook account. Please do not log in with Guest, otherwise we will not receive your information.
If you don't have a Facebook account. Please send your request to our email: We will reply to your new product information. for register your information manually.

Please click on the new product plan in the following content that appears on the messenger page, Then register according to the system guidelines.

If you are not sure how to operate, please refer to the following process. Thank you!