Collection: Aothia's entrepreneurial story

why we wanted to start developing office products at the beginning was because we felt that the desktop was too monotonous, and too many clutter on the desktop would make our desktop look messy,Reduce our work efficiency and mood.

In this way, on October 8, 2017, Aothia was established, Our original intention has never changed, We are committed to the development of desktop simple & effective products, Make your desktop no longer messy.

"This is our first product, Very practical, and it can add a lot of colors to our desktop. After being recognized by most of our customers, we have been improving our products so that customers who purchased our products have a better experience. (Why is it only for the most part? After all, there is no product that everyone likes. Of course, except for money, this is also our goal, so that customers who have bought our products can be satisfied.)

Our official website is If you have any questions, you can get supports through our smart robot, or you can send us an email for help.

We have set up our repair policy for our customer . you can learn more from the repair refund policy;We look forward to your joining our membership program.

Thank you for your continued supports to Aothia.