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Why You Need a Wooden Dual Monitor Stand

If you are someone who often uses two or more monitors, whether for work, study, or entertainment, you may encounter some of the following problems:

• Your monitors take up most of the space on your desk, leaving you with not enough room to place your keyboard, mouse, headphones, notebooks and other important accessories.
• The height of your monitors is not suitable, causing your posture to be incorrect, and your eyes, neck and back to feel tired and painful.
• The position of your monitors is inconvenient, making you have to move your eyes or mouse frequently when handling multiple tasks, reducing your work efficiency and comfort.
• The appearance of your monitors is not coordinated, making your desk look messy and lack of aesthetics and style.

If you have any of the above problems, then you may need a wooden dual monitor stand.

A wooden dual monitor stand is a device that can raise your monitor or computer to a more suitable height and position, which can help you solve the above problems, and make your desk more tidy, comfortable, efficient and stylish.
In this article, I will introduce you a wooden dual monitor stand that I recently bought and used, which is the Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand. I will share my experience, installation process, and the features and advantages of this product.


Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand

Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand is a sturdy and beautiful monitor stand made of 12 layers of high-quality composite hardwood plywood and premium cork.
It can support two or one ultra-wide monitor, with a maximum load of 220 pounds, a size of 43 x 9.4 x 4 inches, and three colors to choose from: black walnut, oak and vintage.


I ordered it on Aothia's official website, the price was 69.99 US dollars, which was 10 US dollars cheaper than Amazon, and there was also free fast delivery service. 

I received the goods the next day after placing the order, the packaging was very exquisite and safe, and there were all the parts of the monitor stand, as well as an instruction manual and a screwdriver.

The installation process was very simple, I just needed to follow the steps in the instruction manual, fix the cork legs and the boards with screws, and then place the monitor stand where I wanted. 

The whole process took less than 10 minutes, very convenient. I put my two 27-inch monitors on the monitor stand, they were very stable, without any shaking or tilting. 

The height of the monitor stand was also very suitable, allowing me to look directly at the monitor, without having to lower or raise my head, which was very helpful for my neck and shoulders. 

I also put my keyboard and mouse under the space of the monitor stand, so that I could put them away when I didn't use them, making my desk more spacious and tidy.

I have been using this monitor stand for more than a month, and I am very satisfied with its performance and appearance. 

It has greatly improved my work efficiency and comfort, I can handle multiple tasks at the same time, without having to switch windows or move the mouse frequently. 

It also makes my desk look more modern and stylish, its wooden material and cork legs match the color of my desktop and wall very well, giving me a warm and natural feeling. 

Its quality is also very good, there is no damage or loosening, I believe it can last for a long time.


The Advantages of Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand

Compared with other brands of dual monitor stands, Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand has the following advantages:

• Affordable price: Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand's price is only 69.99 US dollars, much cheaper than similar products. For example, Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand's price is as high as 275 US dollars, nearly four times that of Aothia.
For those who are sensitive to price, such as students, workers, or freelancers who work from home, Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand is a very suitable choice.

• Easy installation: Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand's installation process is very simple, you only need to use a screwdriver to fix a few parts, and you can finish it.
Moreover, it does not need to drill holes or clamp on the desktop, you just need to place it where you want, and you can use it.

This way, you don't have to worry about damaging your desktop, or affecting its stability.

• Reliable quality: Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand is made of 12 layers of high-quality composite hardwood plywood and premium cork, sturdy, durable, slip-resistant, and will not scratch the desktop.

Its structure is simple, easy to install, and not easy to loosen or damage.
Its load-bearing capacity is up to 220 pounds, which can support various heavy-duty devices, such as computer monitors, printers, laptops, TV screens, or use it as a bookshelf.

In summary, Aothia Large Dual Monitor Stand is a very cost-effective product, it can help you improve your work environment, increase your work efficiency and comfort, and make your desk look more tidy and stylish.
If you also want to try this monitor stand, you can buy it on Aothia's official website or Amazon, I believe you will love it. blush.