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Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover Tub Overflow Drain Stopper with Suction Cups

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Color: OctopusGray
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Brand: Roslim
Material: Silicone
Dimension: 5.43 x 5.35 x 2.05 inches
Weight: 5.1 ounces
Regular price $16.89
Regular price $22.85 Sale price $16.89
  • Enjoy Relaxing Bath Time: Taking a comfortable bath after a long day is a sense of ceremony. A few extra inches of water make all the difference. You can relax yourself in an extremely comfortable environment with our tub overflow drain cover. This cute drain cover allows you to fill tub right to the top of tub, so you can get a nice deeper soak and enjoy the most relaxing bath of your life.
  • U.S. PATENT DESIGN Overflow Drain Cover: This patented design feature bath drain cover use fashion super cute duck shape design that fits in all kinds of bathroom. Outfit your new bathroom or upgrade your current bathroom gadgets with this exquisite design. The upgraded 14 incredibly strong suction cups provide an ultra-tight seal, so you can relax comfortably. And it has a safety hole at the top to allow excess water to drain properly.
  • Perfect Size Fits for Most Drains: 5.7'' diameter wide and 2.2'' depth. The bathtub drain covers fit commonly found bathtub overflow drains, like toggle/trip lever, flat, or snap drain types. This bathtub drain cover is made of food-grade silicone. Can be used to Prevent Babies from Hitting Their Heads. This cute bathroom accessory will help turn bath time into a more fun, colorful, and enjoyable experience!
  • Wet The Suction Cups First: Before you use, simply wet the suction cups, place the cover over your bath’s overflow drain, and press each suction cup against the tub to seal. Be sure to place the 1'' hole on the top facing up to enjoy the full benefits of your bathtub overflow cover. After use, you can easily to wash them and store where you want. Just rinse and air dry, or throw in the dishwasher (top rack) for a deeper clean.
  • 110% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - If you have any questions or concerns after using it, feel free to contact us. And if you're not satisfied with this bathtub overflow drain cover, just return it for a full no questions asked refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Worked for us protecting baby's head

I bought this to go over our bathtub's protruding drain plug handle. Our baby wasn't the most stable yet and I was afraid he would fall into the plug and hurt himself. It's not the thickest material ever, but it was enough that if he fell into it it would soften the blow. Stayed up on the wall well via the suction cups, I never had an issue with it falling down.

Claire E.
Super super super! Can take baths in comfort!

This was exactly what I needed. I just moved into a new apartment where the overflow is placed way too low in the bathtub. Without this little octopus my toes and stomach are out of the water. The octopus gives me an extra 3 inches. you can rotate the octopus, so its mouth is on a side if the opening is too high for your tub, but because my overflow drain is so low, I was really happy about the big clearing. I was also worried the octopus wouldn’t fit over my overflow drain because it’s big and square, but it fit perfectly, no sweat. I’m seriously so happy about this fix.

Western Images Leatherworks, Inc.
Keeps falling off

I have finally thrown this away as it didn't work on my tub. It was easier to unscrew my drain overflow and turn it upside down than to use this item. I think to successfully use this, you would need a very smooth porcelain type finish and a bathtub without any curve by the overflow.

Lauren Welch
It actually works!

I love baths but hate when the overflow drain steals the water.

I had no clue this little octopus would change my life

Only works on flat surfaces but he sure is cute!

I didn't take into account that my bathtub is very round at the front unlike the product photo so it doesn't seal completely in my bath, but I still use it to cover the ugly silver overspill drain in my bath. I imagine that in an ideal bath it would work perfectly.

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