Aothia Laptop Stand Riser, Solid Wood Desktop Stands for Laptop Computer/TV/PC/Printers

  • $39.99
  • $33.99

Aothia Wood Desk Stand Raise the monitor to a comfortable viewing height. 

Aothia Monitor Stand is built with a composite solid wood top shelf, all materials are FSC certified , have non-slip quality. 

Elevated and Organized

The Aothia Desktop Monitor Stand is handcrafted from 12 layers of high-quality raw wood material; no installation required, just unfold the folded stand and you're ready to go.

There is enough space below to put down various gadgets such as notebooks. Save space on your desk.

Efficiency Home Working

Suitable for home office, It is convenient to store various small accessories under this stand, which effectively saves desktop space, so that you can also enjoy a high-efficiency and pleasant atmosphere when working at home.

Different color options

We have walnut and oak colors to choose from.

Can be used with different solid wood desks in your home or office. Each monitor stand retains the texture of the log itself, which is natural and beautiful.

Reduce Neck Overstrain

Our monitor stand raise the computer screens to ideal postion where we no need to bend our neck or hunch over to look down the computer screen, Our ergonomic lifting will fix ergonomic problem, and can well help reduce neck strain after long-term experiment.