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The Magnetic Combination Storage Box

Connect various components by magnetic force, such as: wireless charger, coaster, bookshelf, earphone holder, etc. Make every collocation full of fun, and make office storage more tidy and comfortable.

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Aothia Desk Organizers,Office Organization Home Office Supplies,Metal Material Desktop Storage, Cool pen holder for desk.
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Aothia Magnetic Desk Organizer
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Amazon Review

Perfect fit, quality thickness of leather. The mat easily flattened out and stays flat. Owned for a few months now …still love the color and feel of soft leather. TIP: Unroll the leather mat and re-roll in the opposite direction to flatten.


This is my second time buying this desk mat (originally I bought pink but fancied white this time). It’s really good in quality as it’s not too thin or too thick and it’s aesthetically pleasing while protecting your desk, so you can’t go wrong!

Amazon Customer

Florida JimI have been looking for a while for a blotter or a desk pad. The Aothia pad hit the nail on the head. Very reasonably price and I consider it high quality. I would recommend it and very impressed how well the color matched what was displayed in Amazon.

Florida Jim

Feels and looks great. My Magic Mouse doesn't make any more noise as I slide it around, eliminating any outside noise that would creep into my recordings.This is a great addition your desktop even it you're not doing a podcast. Highly recommend.

Lindsey Low

Very nice quality desk mat!Keep in mind when you get this product it will be rolled up for easy shipping and you must follow the directions to flatten it out.Once it is set it will look AMAZING on your desk! It gives you such a nice clean work area.Very well made and great quality.

Jason Deptawa

I never thought that something so simple was going to make such a difference. It’s ideal for a small desk or table like mine and I imagine that it’s the same for a big one too. My beautiful wife was right to get it for me. I can use the mouse on it, write or sign my paper and it looks great.

Julian Cervantes

Dark grey goes great on my salted grey desk and protects where the mouse was beginning to wear into desktop. Soft but thin, and the mouse rolls just fine. And large -- plenty of room for mouse. In a word --- perfect.


I saw this Leather Desk Pad Protector, which totally eliminated the problem. It is large enough to hold my LARGE Workstation, led leaves room on both sides to function as a Mouse Pad.It is a GREAT Solution!


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