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In handling official duties, people will communicate with different people. Some people have good performance, and some people are better at communicating with others. What are the common characteristics of all the salesmen with good performance that you have encountered in life?
Most people think that salespersons with good performance tend to work harder than others. Not only can they endure hardship, but they are also very hardworking. However, according to my observation, although their work characteristics are not the same, the top salesmen I know have the same characteristics, that is, their desktops are always cleaner than others!
At first,I didn't think that the cleanliness of the desktop would affect a person's office efficiency, but now I understand the benefits of a clean desktop. Why should I think so? I will use a picture and some calculations to illustrate the benefits of a tidy desktop. Please be patient and finish reading the article, because the benefits of a tidy desktop are not just as simple as leaving a good impression on others.

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In order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I found the following picture. Please imagine this picture as the status quo in a drawer of your desk.
Desk Organizer Aothia
There are 4 cubes in different colors in the picture. These cubes are all the items stored in your drawer (it can be a watch, pencil, eraser, etc.). These things may be used every day.But it is also possible that you will not use them for a month, and the smiling face on the picture represents such an action every time you open the drawer to find something.

Originally, it was only an action of less than 3 seconds to open the drawer and take out the pencil, but in such a disordered state, in order to find a pencil, we may spend 2 to 3 minutes or even longer.

Two to three minutes may seem trivial to many friends, but what if we need to look for five tools every day? The time wasted became 10 to 15 minutes, and 70-105 minutes was wasted in a week. It can be seen from this, do you still think it doesn’t matter?

And those salespersons with excellent performance around you just use these 70-105 minutes that you easily wasted, either to improve your business level or to find more high-quality customers! Know that the accumulation of quantity will lead to a qualitative change, and you will be inadvertently asily surpassed!

So how can we keep our desktop tidy?

It's very simple, just 2 steps, you can give you a tidy desktop!

Step 1: Organize

Points: Leave the necessary products and conduct a thorough classification.

Still in this picture, suppose we take away the unnecessary items in the drawer and leave only the needed ones.

Desk Organizer

Then classify these items in four colors according to their function or purpose, which can be clear at a glance, saving all unnecessary time.

Desk Organizer Aothia

Step 2: Storage
Point 1: Make full use of various folders, and cooperate with label management!
Desk Organizer
The most frequently used files are classified separately

Point 2: Storage box
Desk Organizer Aothia
It must be a storage box with free partition

Point 3 Reasonable use of walls
Desk Organizer Aothia
These are not enough, don’t forget that keeping the desktop tidy is the key, so how can it not be cluttered?

Keep rule

First, useless files are processed immediately.

Second, check the desktop every day before leaving get off work!

Third, clean regularly.

Finally, I would like to recommend a desktop storage tool that I think is very useful.

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Desk Organizer Aothia

Finally, I want to say whether you are a newcomer or a senior salesman, don’t underestimate the cleanliness of the desktop. A person who pays attention to details and has good habits, your career may not be smooth sailing, but it will definitely be help you go further and further on the road to the workplace!