Aothia Stitched Edges Gaming mouse pad 11"x 8.5"

  • $6.89
  • $5.49

Classic style

    Smooth surface can make the speed and control of the mouse perfect integration, very suitable for the game or office, improve your efficiency and feel.

Durable design

     the design of locking edge solves the problems of mouse pad edge wear, deformation and degumming, and makes the product more textured.

Excellent cloth surface

    test according to different kinds of mouse,The use of excellent woven cloth can make the mouse more flexible and easy to control.

Anti skid rubber bottom

    the soft and elastic anti-skid rubber bottom can firmly fix the mouse pad on the desktop. When you are working or playing games, you don't have to worry about the pad sliding away.

Wide Applicability

    Available for all types of mouse, wired, wireless, mechanical, laser & optical,Available in a variety of attractive colors.