Why do users who use computers for a long time choose a monitor stand?Aothia

In real life or social networks, we often see that many professionals will equip their computer monitors with a stand, and this situation is very common for tech geeks such as designers, programmers, and hardcore gamers. Aothia herself is also one of the users of the monitor stand, and goes out to meetings and gathers with friends in the circle, and often sees a friend recommending a monitor stand to another friend. Some friends may say, don’t all the monitors we buy come with a stand? Why buy another stand? As someone who has come, what I want to say is that it is very important to equip the monitor with a stand. Why do you say that, let me introduce you in detail below.
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Why do users who use computers for a long time like to equip the monitor with a stand?

Unlike ordinary users, designers, programmers, game-loving gamers, and tech geeks face computers most of the day. They are users who use computers for a long time, and they gradually use computers for a long time. I found that using only a computer monitor has great limitations. The built-in monitor of the computer is generally low, with little adjustability, and it is difficult to adjust to an angle that makes us comfortable and can protect our cervical spine health. This is also the reason why many heavy computer users are plagued by cervical spondylosis, so that computer cervical spondylosis has become a new disease, and it is a high-incidence species. Equipping the monitor with a stand can solve this problem well.
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If you use a monitor stand, it can provide us with a larger monitor adjustment space, which can be adjusted in various dimensions such as height, front and rear, and pitch, so that it can provide us with a healthier screen viewing posture, and at the same time correct our sitting posture. We can use the head-up display in the healthiest state to fully protect the cervical spine. In addition, sedentary sitting in the face of computers is also an important factor affecting our health. Therefore, users who use computers for a long time generally choose to sit and stand alternately for office work, and the use of brackets can adjust the height of the monitor more greatly. The height of the monitor can also be adjusted quickly when the standing status alternates. Whether we are standing or sitting, it can bring us a healthier viewing experience and further ensure our health.
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There is a second advantage of equipping the monitor with a stand, that is, it allows the user's desk to have more space and is more clean and tidy. Because the feet at the bottom of the stand that comes with the general monitor are relatively large, only in this way can it provide enough support for the larger and larger monitors. Together with the keyboard, mouse and various cables, it will take up a large area of the desktop. In this way, the space left at our disposal on the desk is even smaller. Especially for graphic designers, there is almost no space for placing hand-painted boards on the desktop. Not only will the desktop be messy, but it will also greatly affect office efficiency.

If the monitor is equipped with a stand, this problem does not exist, and it hardly takes up desktop space, not only makes the desktop more tidy and clean, but also leaves ample space for our disposal. This is also what many designers like to equip the monitor. One of the reasons for the stent.

I will recommend two monitor brackets that I am using now. I believe there will always be one that can change you who are reading this article.

First:Large area monitor stand

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It has a huge area, and the overhead desktop ensures a good viewing angle when you use the monitor, and provides a large enough desktop area to facilitate the storage and use of office supplies. It has a large area that supports the use Various monitors or laptops can even support three computers to work at the same time, and there will be a certain amount of free space to put your favorite green plants.Monitor StandMonitor Stand

Second:Angled large area single monitor stand
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Compared with the first product, it has a much smaller area. It is mainly designed for users who work with a single computer or laptop, which can make good use of the space. There is also a partition below to facilitate the storage of various office supplies. The layered design allows Office life has been more organized, and office efficiency has been improved.
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These two products are not necessarily suitable for you who are currently choosing a monitor stand, but this article will definitely help you a lot. If you find it helpful, I hope you can share it with your friends.Let them all understand that using the monitor from the wrong angle will have a bad effect on the body.